About company

Mahabir Design and Construction Pvt. Ltd. is led by second-generation entrepreneur Roshan Kumar Singh and supported by his team who serve the pan India. The company understands the importance of completing every project with complete client satisfaction and pride themselves on exceeding expectations.

The company has been built from slowly assembling a humble and reliable team of experts as well as a steady stream of referrals from satisfied and returning clients.

With over 242 completed jobs ranging from small to large-scale, Mahabir Design and Construction Pvt. Ltd., MDC has truly earned their reputation as one of the Delhi NCR’s premiere design, construction and interior company.

The focus always remains on providing excellent service and quality workmanship for all projects. From the start of estimating, through the rough construction phase the company maintains full control, ensuring that every stage of the way is done with detail. In the end we deliver a space that is warm, clean, stylish, and contemporary.

As a seasoned general contracting company, Mahabir Design and Construction Pvt. Ltd. company understands that construction is more than simply following drawings and making sure that a building is up to code. It’s about making a vision come to life. This means that the details are just as important as the structural elements. Whether it is the way a joint comes together, or the careful installation of a fine material, this team understands how to deliver excellence. From concept through completion, each milestone is met with the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship. The company stands behinds the work fully and makes sure clients are involved and included every step of the way. Feel free to contact us


Roshan Kumar Singh began his career in construction very early when working with renowned construction company of India as Civil Engineer.His father led his own construction company named Mahabir Construction Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi NCR. Roshan Kumar Singh worked hard and passionate to learn as much as he could from his mentors and eventually taken over the construction companyfrom his father.

During his many years constantly encountered people who were in desperate need of a reliable, ethical and efficient general contractor. After hearing endless stories of unfortunate experiences homeowners had with contractors, Roshan Kumar Singh was motivated to form a Private Limited Company to takeover construction business of his father.

Since the founding Mahabir Design and Construction Pvt. Ltd. in 2018, Roshan Kumar Singh has continued to build his company’s reputation on the same set of principles that have guided him throughout his career. He is visionary, devoted to hard work, honesty and beauty and is determined to be the best general contractor and custom home builder in Delhi NCR making the dreams of each client a reality. Now the company has expanded in other state in general construction.

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