Get extraordinary Interior Decoration of your Dream Home with Mahabir Construction.

Get extraordinary Interior Decoration of your Dream Home with Mahabir Construction.

Growing out as tremendously successful Interior Designers in Noida, Mahabir Construction builds on the great understanding, knowledge, and mastery earned over years of furnishing great edge, extravagance interiors to the world’s most perceptive clients. Specializing in deluxe residential property advancement and refurbishment was a natural and noticeable expansion.

Since its inception in 2010, Mahabir has established a considerable many strong, cooperative partnerships with venerable architects, designers, and developers whilst functioning on a wide array of highly-creative interior design projects. Making the most of the experience gained whilst working with our tried and tested contractors, our service now encompasses all facets of planning, development, and property management for exclusive new build and refurbishment projects within the Mahabir Constructions market around the world, generating a seamless turnkey outcome.

Our team:-

The strength of our company is our aptitude in both high-end property advancement and interior design. The two parts of our company allow us to coordinate your turnkey progress, lending every consumer access to our unrivaled abilities, from the initial stages of planning down to the minutest features of the decor.

Our professionals are very customer-focused, and the company invests in its staff to guarantee genuine compassion and an honest appreciation of our client’s requirements. Our absolute objective is to procure a level and spectrum of service that outperforms the expectations of the extensively demanding clientele.

Steps involve in Interior designing:-

  • Inspiration and theme
  • Planning and approval
  • Allowance and time scale
  • Visuals
  • Project management
  • Installation

The interior designers at Mahabir Constructions are handpicked.  We only employ experienced designers who have a design master’s degree with years of familiarity with the high-end programs.

We prefer to indicate our customer's identities and requirements instead of offering a definitive style.  No project is ever similar to another. Exclusive designs and highly demanding items are being introduced that suit your living and also the budget.

How we work:-

Our work is a reflection of our clients, and we employ an eclectic mix of techniques to accomplish a completely custom finish, comprising mid-century, industrial, and modern. All our projects of; interiors can be seamlessly integrated into modern life

Our ultimate styling phase will bring your home together and bring approximately your space unique. From houseplants to artwork, photos, and tableware, it’s the carefully assigned morning items that enhance the warmth of your living. We can be as involved as you prefer at this phase, sourcing artwork and useful items from our ever-expanding banked supplier catalog, or providing you with the space to add your stylistic sense.

Why choose us:-

Our team takes care of everything; intervening in the reasonable prices, order oversight, overseeing the manufacturing of policy items, transport, storage, insurance, exchanging broken commodities, and installation on site. The competent team of Mahabir Construction guarantees the nicest quality work at adequate prices.

Our procurement model is honest and fully transparent. We negotiate the best discounts and pass these on to you. In exchange, we charge a flat procurement fee.

Our Service:-

Mahabir Construction provides everything you need for your construction project such as,

  • Contracting
  • Construction
  • Renovation
  • Home-Making
  • Electrical works
  • Building material

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